Friday, July 8, 2011

Awesome Day - Texarkana Machine Inc.

What an awesome morning I spent meeting some great new friends. I met Steve Petty. That's right, of the Petty racing family!! We had a great conversation and I learned to look at racing and the NASCAR family from a whole different point of view.

The passion that he spoke with about faith, family and racing was so great it is hard to put into words. He spoke of Motorsports Ministries and what they do for the racing community. I will be diving into this more as I learn more about the off track world of racing! Very exciting.

He also is part of a foundation, Cross Penny Ministries. Passing out pennies with the cross in the middle, as the website states, "It just makes cents to follow Jesus!”

All these images come with a story and what a history filled story it is. I will also post a video below showing the walk through...greatness! As NASCAR is in Kentucky this weekend, I will watch the race from a different point of view and cannot wait.
   I also met two others of the Petty family, Kerri Crocker and Curt Petty. They both work at the shop and also do a lot in the community. You can check out Kerri's work at Kerri's website  or pray for a cure for cancer. Lots more coming! Stay tuned....

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