Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Daytona July 2011

     Let me begin with this full disclosure, I am a member of JR Nation. There I said it. I will not jump ship, I will not bandwagon with another team or driver just to say my driver won. I have been and always will be a member.
Now, lets talk about the race.
     I love night racing. I love Daytona. I think I love Daytona because it and Talladega are the two tracks on a NASCAR video game that I can really drive. Anyway, I do love Daytona. I hate the racing there, and no not because JR hates it also. I am a fan of drafting. I am a fan of a group of cars leaving one out to dry. I am a fan of two to three cars getting out of the pack and then a pack of eight to ten cars blowing right by them. I am a fan of my way of the highway. Not a fan of buddy racing.
     So back to Saturday night. What a last couple of laps it was. No more buddy, no one gives a crap, it is mano-a-mano and this is my spot and you cannot have it. Hence, The Big One....

So that was the first try at green, white, checkered...ummm no.  Take two....

And there it is. You can see that behind the checkered flag is debris and carnage and all that which makes up the Big One.

     Overall a good race, a race that can only be as good as two buddy racing goes ... On to Kentucky!

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